Thursday, October 17, 2013

Transfer Files Securely to Your Android Device with FTP

The first thing that most people do after purchasing a tablet is to fill it with music, videos and such. While iOS devices can be very problematic in that department, Android devices are much easier to handle. The easiest method is to connect your Android device to your PC via USB and copy files using Windows Explorer (or any alternative). Another popular method is an app named AirDroid that allows you to manage your Android device remotely with your web browser. However, I've come across a better method: FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

To start, you need to install an FTP server on your Android tablet. The best one that I have come across so far it called primitive ftpd. You can get it from the F-Droid app catalog, which consists of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Here is the link to primitive ftpd on F-Droid.

Once you have installed primitive ftpd, you'll have to isntall an FTP program on your PC. The best program is FileZilla. Once you get that installed, you can change the username, password and port number in primitive ftpd. (I'd recommend doing this for security reasons.)

To move files, open the primitive ftpd app, press start, log into your tablet with Filezilla and get downloading and uploading.

Let me knowif this  is helpful.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Microsoft Surface Ads: Out of Touch and Pointless

    In recent years, it has become more and more obvious that Microsoft is getting more and more out of touch with their customers. One of the best examples is their release of Windows 8, which is a huge departure from all previous versions with a huge learning curve.

    One of the worst things to come out of Microsoft recently are the advertisements for the Microsoft Surface tablet. Guess what major feature these ads cover? How you can make them click. That's right, the major features of the Surface tablets are not being able to run Windows programs on a tablet, the power of a laptop in a tablet and being able to open Office documents on the go. No, the best feature is that it clicks. Watch the videos below and you will see what I mean.

     The bottom line is that Microsoft is full of old men trying to act hip and with it. So when they want to connect to the younger generation they pull our the mod music and the dancing and start clicking. Dumber and dumber.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Help Me Sell My Nook Color

Sorry for the crappy picture, but my iPod does not take very good shots.
Hi, guys. I bought a Nook Color a couple of months ago. I've decided to upgrade to a Nexus 7, but in order to do so I need your help. I just posted the Nook on Ebay. I installed Cynogenmod on it after I bought it, but I have since reflashed it to the original software. I updated the software to the latest version (1.4.3). I tested it to make sure that it works by downloading a couple books and apps. (I since erased and deregistered.) It also comes with a screen protector installed and a cover. I'm also throwing in a 16 GB microSD card because the Nook only has 1GB for non-Barnes and Noble content.

Why am I selling it? Because it works great as an ebook reader, but not so good as an Android tablet. If you want a device to read book and listen to music, that has all the extras that all tablets need (i.e. screen protector, cover, and extra memory), then give this auction a look. If you are not interested, but know someone who might be, send them this link.

You can find the auction here:

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facebook Uses Firefox Integration to Fight the Exploding Growth of Google Plus

Back in April, I wrote an article entitled What Browser Should Facebook Buy? about the need for Facebook to use a browser to direct traffic to the social network. It is important for them to do this because Google will eventually leverage Chrome to do just that. In that article, I stated that Facebook had two options: build or buy. It turns out that there is a third option: integrate.

Starting with Firefox 17, Facebook has been integrated into the browser. This feature is called Messenger for Firefox. It adds the ability to chat, check notification, and friend requests. You can turn it on by going here if you have Firefox 17/

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Kindle App is My Favorite App (Android or iOS)

The Kindle app is my favorite app for both iOS and Android.
I say this for one simple reason: you can use it to read any document or article on any device.  I have tried other e-reader and read later software. The best one I found was the Kindle app. The beauty is that this app turns your device into an e-reader without limitations. With a Kindle DX or Paperwhite, you are limited to reading, unless you jailbreak or root it. Not so when you use one of the Kindle apps. If you have an iPod with the Kindle app (like I have), you have all of the power of a Kindle e-reader plus access to a world of other apps and games. My point is that you can use a FREE app to turn your device into an e-reader instead of shelling out extra money.

Out of the box, the only way you can get documents into the Kindle app is to email them to an Amazon account. However,the file types that you are allowed to email are limited. To over come this limitation you can use a site called WappWolf to convert documents to a Kindle friendly format. You can configure WappWolf to monitor a DropBox folder. Once it detects a file it will convert it to a Kindle format and sent it to  your Kindle.

Another great tool is called Klip.Me extension for Chrome is the best extension I have found to send articles to Kindle from your browser. It works better then the official extension from Amazon, for some reason. The best extension that I found for Firefox is Push to Kindle.

To download the Kindle apps for iOS, Android and other, go here. Enjoy reading.
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