Monday, July 28, 2008

AOL Cuts the Fat

AOL recently released the news that they will be closing down several of their web properties to help them become more profitable. Among the AOL sites being closed are: Bluestring, a site for sharing videos, music, and photos; Xdrive, an online hard drive; and AOL Pictures. AOL is planing to sell Xdrive to another company, but the other sites appear to be down for the count. AOL has also closed their MyMobile service with the idea of repackaging it with other AOL mobile services.

AOL executives said that they will puch other products to help thier finances. These new "money making" products include their browser toolbar, desktop software, e-mail service, and the Truveo video search site.

It also is worth noting that there are also plans in the works to discontinue dial up, the service that made AOL important so many years ago. The reason for this change is that fact that broadband is becoming cheaper and more popular.

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